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Turkey - Algeria Friendship Chess Match
Etkinlik YeriAnkara
Web Sayfası
Başlangıç Tarihi11 Mayıs 2012
Bitiş Tarihi21 Mayıs 2012
Açıklamafriendship2012 ufakThe Turkish Chess federation is honoured to announce the first friendly match between Turkey and Algeria from 12th to 20th of May at Başkent Hotel in Ulus, a central district of Ankara. The match is a double round 'Scheveningen' team event played in both sections, men and women. All members of each team play all members of the other team. The time control: 90 minutes for 40 moves + 30 minutes to the end of the game, with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move one. FIDE's draconian zero-tolerance rule for late arrivals is not in effect and a 15-minute window is provided for the players. Also the Sofia and new ECU rule is weakened by a mutual agreement of 20 moves before a player is actually allowed to offer a draw.

The Turkish Chess Federation nominated 4 of their most talented male and female players to compete in this event.

The men's section is leaded by the recent world school under 15 Champion and national team member Ali Marandi Cemil Can, one of the biggest hopes in Turkish chess. The women's section by Cemhan Kardelen, a young and talented girl that joined the Turkish national women team for the first time at the European Team Championship in Porto Caras in 2011.

Both teams agreed upon a close rating average and on individually counted sections. The winner of each section will be declared by the higher number of match points.