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Open Letter to European Chess Federations

Turkish Chess Federation withdraws European Individual Women Championship.

logo_gaziantep_kucukThe President of Turkish Chess Federation, Mr.Ali Nihat YAZICI, has published an open letter on 29 December 2010, and declared that TSF withdrew the organisation of 2011 European Individual Women Chess Championship in Gaziantep. The event was supposed to be organised from 19 March till 1st April. The prize fund of the event would be a record  in women chess. Also European Women Rapid and European Women Blitz would be organised just before individual event. The details of open letter and reasons are given below.

29 December 2010


Open Letter to all European Federations,        (pdf Letter_to_ECU_FEDERATIONS_29_12_2010.pdf  Bytes)

The Turkish Chess Federation was granted the 2011 European Individual Women Championship, the 2011 European Women Rapid and the European Women Blitz. The contract was signed in March, 2010 in Rijeka, Croatia.

The Turkish Chess Federation has a concrete strategy in investing in women’s chess by supporting and organising Atatürk Memorial in 2008, FIDE Women Grand Prix in 2009, Women’s World Championship in 2010, ACP Women World Cup in 2009 and the events granted specifically for women are 2011 European Women Individual Championship, 2012 European Women Individual Championship, 2011 Women World Team Championship, ACP Women World Cup 2011, FIDE Women Grand Prix in 2012.

These last few weeks, we started to communicate with the General Secretary of ECU to finalise the details of this event and then as a result of insulting and condescending behaviour on her part we requested the intervention of the President of the ECU, Mr.Silvio Danaiolov.

None of those attempts have however worked, as you will see from the various emails and letters sent, and we were completely neglected by ECU management. This is really a big disappointment for me considering that I was the first person celebrating the victory of ECU President just after election and wishing him good luck in the next 4 years.

I also sent a last official message on 24th December 2010 .

Again, we have not been answered.

After all this unfair approach, we have decided to withdraw from the organisation of the 2011 European Individual Women Championship. Event, may I add, which would have created chess history with prizes at the same level as  the event in Aix les Bains. Please look at below for the prize fund comparison.

We will take under careful consideration the legal rights of Turkish Chess Federation in the next few days.

We try to hope that this will be the last conflict between TSF and ECU management, created for no reason.

We would like to draw your attention to these issues in the interest of ECU and its future.

Best regards,

Ali Nihat YAZICI



Appendixes: (all pdf files)

pdf E-mail from General Secretary of ECU on 17.12.2010  Bytes
                             * pdf Attached to e-mail regulations proposed  Bytes

pdf Revised regulations for EIWCC 2011, sent back to G.S. on 17.12.2010 by Yazici  Bytes

pdf E-mail sent by G.S. to Yazici on 19.12.2010  Bytes

pdf Answer to (3) sent by Yazici to G.S. 20.12.2010  Bytes

pdf Letter to E.C.U. Board members on  21.12.2010  Bytes

pdf Letter from ECU President to TSF on 22.12.2010  Bytes

pdf Answer to ECU President on 22.12.2010  Bytes

pdf Letter to ECU Board from TSF 24.12.2010  Bytes

Letter from Georgios Makropoulos for clashing dates to TSF

Letter from FIDE President to ECU President for clashing dates

pdf Contract signed on 13 March 2010  Bytes

pdf Comparison of Prize Funds (Gaziantep - Aix-les bains)  Bytes

Even the logo and banner of the event is ready!!